Habitual Traffic Violator

Traffic violations in Denton are typically small concerns that won’t lead to any extensive jail time or court-ordered fines. An occasional speeding ticket or driving with an expired registration citation usually only leads to a small slap on the wrist. However, individuals who rack up multiple traffic violations in a short amount of time can expect to deal with some hefty consequences. High insurance rates and driver’s license suspensions can come about when you become a habitual traffic violator, and many other problems can come to fruition if you are guilty of violating traffic laws.

Driving privileges are extremely important, and if you are not working towards retaining these privileges, you may see your entire life disrupt before your very eyes. Many individuals who struggle to deal with habitual traffic violations have trouble insuring their vehicles and retaining their driver’s licenses. These problems can lead to many other issues, such as limited employment opportunities.

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Driving privileges are extremely important around the world, but especially in the state of Texas. Many of the cities that make up this great state are widely spread apart, meaning that walking and bike riding will not always be plausible alternatives. In addition to this, many individuals deal with countless problems when they choose to use rideshare services. The prices of these services continue to rise, and their reliability remains spotty at best.

If you have been accused of being a habitual traffic violator and you’re not sure what to do, you must start by finding a traffic violation defense lawyer in Denton. Your problems may be able to be solved if you align yourself with a reputable defense attorney. Based in Texas, The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy have years of experience working with individuals who struggle with traffic crimes. If you are in Denton, Plano, Frisco, Garland, or any other surrounding city of Denton County, our team can help you with your charges. Contact us today at (940) 222-8004 to receive a free consultation from a member of our team. 

Types of Traffic Offenses

Consistently being found guilty of some of the many common traffic offenses in Texas can result in being classified as a habitual traffic violation. Traffic offenses are typically moving violations; Texas Administrative Code § 15.89 defines a moving violation as an act committed in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle on a public street or highway, which constitutes a hazard to traffic and is prohibited by state law or city ordinance.

According to the Texas Administrative Code, there are well over 200 traffic offenses that are classified as moving violations. Below are some of the most common traffic offenses that the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy have been approached with:


While these are some of the most common traffic offenses, they are far from being the only ones you need to be aware of. If you or someone you know has received a citation that you believe is a traffic offense, it is in your best interest to consult the Texas Administrative Code and see whether or not it is actually a moving violation.

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Texas License Suspension Laws

Driver’s licenses suspension is a common consequence of being a habitual traffic violator. The Texas Transportation Code § 521.292 provides some definitions and additional information about the consequences of habitable traffic violations, as well as what is defined as a habitual traffic violator. According to the code, an individual can be classified as a habitual offender if they have been convicted of four or more moving violations in one year or seven or more moving violations in two years.

Habitual violators of traffic laws can see their license get suspended if they are guilty of consistently breaking the law and violating the roadways of Texas. In addition to this, individuals who are habitually reckless drivers may also see themselves in danger with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Other crimes that can lead to license suspension include:

  • Fraudulent or unlawful use of a Texas driver’s license
  • Driving on a public roadway with a suspended driver’s license
  • Being the at-fault party for any accident that resulted in severe bodily injury or property damage
  • Being guilty of an offense committed in another state or providence that could potentially be grounds for suspension in the state of Texas

If you believe that your driving privileges may be threatened by a crime you committed, it is in your best interest to consult an attorney and discuss your matter. Failure to do so could lead to your driver’s license being suddenly suspended without any warning.

Resources for Habitual Traffic Violations in Denton County, TX

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles – This link takes you to the official website of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Here, you can access various portals that allow you to register your vehicle, renew your driver’s license, order specialty license plates, or request a title for your vehicle. You can also access information that lets you know whether or not your license has been suspended, and what steps you must take if you are currently using a suspended license.

Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 15 – This link takes you to Chapter 15 of the Texas Administrative Code. Here, you can learn more about moving violations and traffic offenses in the state of Texas. The link contains numerous helpful graphics and tables that can provide helpful information about what is classified as a traffic violation, as well as the penalties for these crimes.

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Traffic violations may normally be small ordeals that don’t warrant legal representation, but if you have received multiple violations in a short amount of time, you will need some sort of legal assistance. Individuals who are classified as habitual traffic violators can find themselves in a world of trouble that will cost them their driver’s license, resulting in a loss of freedom and privilege.

If you are concerned about the status of your driver’s license due to multiple traffic violations, The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy can help you. No case is too big or small for our law firm, and we proudly represent Texans based in Denton, Frisco, Lewisville, Flower Mound, and surrounding areas of Denton County, Texas.

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