Lewisville is a city in Texas largely within Denton County although a small part lies within Dallas County. It is a suburban community within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, with a population of 111,822 as of the 2020 census.

Lewisville was originally called Holford’s Prairie, and was founded in the early 1840s. The arrival of the first railroad in 1881 led to its initial growth, and the expansion of the area’s transportation infrastructure also led to further development in the early part of the 20th century. 

Lewisville incorporated in 1925, and after construction of Lewisville Lake was completed in the 1950s, the city expanded rapidly. The proximity to Lewisville Lake has made Lewsiville a recreational hub for the entire Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. 


Transportation infrastructure in the area has evolved around the Interstate 35 (I-35) Corridor along Interstate 35E. The diversity of population and industry has also created a stable economic climate. 

The Lewisville Independent School District provides most of the area’s public education programs. Residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area now know there is a relaxing place just up the road for them to get away and play. 

Conveniently located 10 minutes north of DFW Airport along I-35, Lewisville offers many different family-friendly attractions, inviting hotels, fun-filled outdoor areas, as well as the historic charm of Old Town Lewisville. Several buildings and homes built around the time Lewisville incorporated in 1925 remain standing today as official Lewisville landmarks. 

Old Town Lewisville is the ideal place to find many of them within walking distance of one another. Browse various specialty shops, grab a bite to eat at one of many themed restaurants, commune with nature at Wayne Ferguson Plaza, sample wine and spirits at a winery and distillery, and catch performances at a local theater. 

The Greater Lewisville Community Theatre actually operates out of the oldest building in Lewisville that was built in 1885. Old Town Lewisville is anchored by the performing arts center known as MCL Grand. 

Throughout the year at the MCL Grand, audiences are able to enjoy Lewisville Lake Symphony concerts and world-class ballets performed by LakeCities Ballet. Popular offerings at the MCL Grand include the Texas Tunes Concert Series and the Black Box Songwriter Series.

When it comes to fun in town, Lewisville Lake remains at the top of the list. With 233 miles of shoreline, people can find the right spot to launch their ideal outdoor adventure. 

From fishing for bass at the Lewisville Fishing Barge and exploring the urban wilderness at LLELA, to having a picnic at Lewisville Lake Park and swimming at Sneaky Pete’s, this area offers something for everybody.

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Although a relatively small city, Lewisville is located within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, making it susceptible to higher crime rates. This also brings with it a larger and more crowded jail system and inaccuracies, oversights or snap judgements from law enforcement.

With this being the case, if you have been charged with a criminal act in Lewisville, it is of paramount importance to work with an aggressive and experience criminal defense attorney who can take all details of your allegations into account and develop a defense strategy that effectively argues your case.

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A timely and expedient solution to your legal problems is closer than you think. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy are prepared to immediately start working on your case and get your back to living your life without the stress and worry that inevitably comes with a criminal accusation.

Since opening their doors in 2002, the firm has successfully argued thousands of DWI and criminal cases for their clients and will use this experience and legal knowledge to do all they can to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Call (940) 222-8004 or send an online message to schedule a free and confidential consultation with the attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy. The legal team proudly represents individuals from all over North Texas including the cities of Dallas, Irving, Plano, McKinney, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton and Flower Mound, among many others.

The legal team focuses on a wide variety of criminal cases, pertaining to many different areas of the law. They are primarily a DWI law firm, handling many different DWI cases that include boating while intoxicated, commercial vehicle DWI, drug related DWI, DWI with bac over .15, DWI with child passenger, DWI with property damage, felony DWI, flying while intoxicated, first DWI, impaired driving, intoxication assault, intoxication manslaughter, juvenile or underage DWI, second DWI, and third or subsequent DWI. We assist clients with bail bonds, deferred adjudication, the driver responsibility program, driver’s license procedures, DWI community supervision, DWI penalties, DWI record expunging, DWI reduction, DWI roadblocks or checkpoints, DWI testing, DWI trials, motions for nondisclosure, pretrial diversion programs, and SR-22 or motor vehicle insurance, but they also work on traffic offenses where alcohol is not involved. 

In addition to this, they have a great deal of experience in working on domestic issues and family violence charges such as aggravated domestic assault, assault by strangulation, bigamy, child abandonment or endangerment, child abuse, continuous violence against the family, domestic assault, endangering a child, harassment, injury to a child, interference with 911, interference with child custody, leaving a child in a vehicle, protective order hearings, stalking or aggravated stalking, strangulation, and violations of protective orders. Due in part to this family focus, they also work on juvenile crimes, like minor in possession of alcohol and use of a fake ID.

Drug/narcotics charges like cocaine charges, drug conspiracy, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, felony drug possession, fentanyl crimes, heroin charges, internet drug sales, MDMA or ecstasy arrests, methamphetamine crimes, possession of a controlled substance (drug possession), possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to sell, prescription drug fraud, and synthetic drugs are another main area of focus, along with marijuana offenses, such as cite and release, delivery of marijuana, illegal cultivation / grow houses, illegal search and seizure cases, marijuana cultivation, marijuana trafficking, medical marijuana, possession of marijuana, and THC concentrates. The firm takes these non-violent drug cases seriously considering the disproportionately harsh and regressive laws and penalties that are currently part of the Texas Penal Code. 

Additionally, they also work with those accused of violent crimes such as aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, assault charges, assault with a deadly weapon, deadly conduct, disorderly conduct, endangering a child, false accusations of violent crimes, injury to a child elderly individual or disabled person, injury to an elderly or disabled person, kidnapping, manslaughter, robbery, terroristic threats, and unlawful restraint, property crimes like arson, burglary, burglary of a vehicle, criminal mischief, criminal mischief charge, and criminal trespass, and “crimes of trust” such as theft offenses, along with representation for firearm/weapon charges.

White Collar crime, such as bad check, credit card fraud, forgery, identity theft, insurance fraud, medicaid fraud, and money laundering are also a relatively large portion of their casework. The law office will also work with individuals who may have already been convicted and are accused of violation of probation, or if they need their arrest record sealed or expunged so as to keep other people and employers from seeing this history during background checks.

Lewisville Legal Resources

City of Lewisville – This link is to the home page for the city of Lewisville. It contains information regarding city services, the municipal court, and police. The site also has relevant forms and links for many city and legal areas.

Denton County – Justice of the Peace – This site is home to the 3rd precinct Justice of the Peace. It offers information on bad checks, birth certificates, civil suits, forms, maps and licenses. It also directs to relevant court addresses and information, along with jury services and records management.

Lewisville Government Center

190 North Valley Pkwy Suite 100

Lewisville, Texas 75067

Phone: (972) 434-4750

United State District Court – Northern Texas – This site offers information on the United States District Court, specifically for the Northern District of Texas, which encompasses Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene, Amarillo, Lubbock, and San Angelo. The primary functions of this court include maintaining records, providing case information, explaining court procedures, and providing courtroom management and administrative support.

U.S. District Court Clerk’s Office

1100 Commerce St. Room 1452

Dallas, Texas 75242

Phone: (214) 753-2200

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Dealing with criminal allegations is an experience that no one wants to deal with. If you have been charged with a crime in Lewisville, not taking immediate action can bring with it adverse negative effects that may hurt your chances of getting the charges reduced or dismissed.

Working with capable and dedicated criminal defense attorney who has helped many other individuals through very difficult times in their life will give you a greater chance and beating the charges and move on with your life.

Call the attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy at (940) 222-8004 or contact us online to schedule a free and confidential consultation to go over the specifics of your case.